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Coexisting with Uncertainty, Poultry Industry Is Embracing a New Round of Resilient Growth

COVID-19 pandemic lingering, feed prices remaining high, production capacity turning saturated and demand being insufficient, China's poultry industry has been struggling ever since 2020, but on the way to the Sun. Redefined the growth, it has started to develop by replacing scale expansion with quality improvement, continuing the competitiveness of enterprises with technology research, and empowering sustainability with products line extension. The green buds of improvement are ready to sprout.

Everything has its vanquisher, danger and opportunity are interlinked. World situation is in turmoil, living environment is changing, and industry situation is fluxing. The core of invariability is to adapt to the situation, strive for evolution in practice, secure innovation in perseverance, so as to keep advancing and achieving accomplishments. Poultry breeding concept keeps pace with the times, breeding research and development has made breakthroughs repeatedly; Emission peak and carbon neutrality have been focused on, the industry's carbon abatement plan will be implemented; The digital application is irresistible and will be deeply enabling industrial upgrading; Realizing a positive cycle, new consumption formats keep updating and self driving. New consumption demands such as prefabricated foods and ready to eat meat and eggs endow the industry unprecedented potential and opportunities. The curtain of a new era of brand marketing is opened, and the cross-age Metaverse which will create huge incremental space is formally announced; Meanwhile, in the era of brand Metaverse, the practice of corporate social responsibility is placed at a strategic height, focusing on the symbiosis between enterprises and industries, the integration between enterprises and society, mutual benefit between enterprises and people's livelihood, it will be the core subject of China's poultry industry to emphasize the sustainable development under new situation, new pattern and new opportunities.

To act is not as easy as to know. Determining to take actions resolutely, we are willing to convert our small step into a big step for the industry. Accumulating sand into a tower, many a little makes a mickle, link, coordinate and integrate, we foresee the bright light and embrace the arrival of the future. The shoots sprouting of China's poultry industry will be witnessed and a new round of resilient growth is approaching in the year 2022 .

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