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About Us

Shanghai LyJa Cultural Media Co. LTD

Founded in 2004 and based in China, LyJa Cultural Media is an integrated cultural company specializing in media development and planning, e-commerce and Internet technology and serving global agribusinesses. We provide professional information and business platforms for purchasers, suppliers and professionals from animal husbandry companies from home and abroad. With digital media (WeChat, Weibo) and print magazines and from multiple perspectives, we deliver the latest science and technology, market information and solutions and business opportunities to our readers and customers.


Print magazines

- Poultry International China
- Pig Statistics & Trends
- Poultry Statistics & Trends
- Egg Industry


· International Poultry Forum China
· World Egg China Day


· Providing marketing solutions to China companies who plan to enter into international market
· Providing marketing solutions to international companies who plan to enter into China market